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Triggered:  Understanding Warning Signs of PTSD

“I’m so triggered!” is a statement I started hearing my teenagers say a couple years ago, usually in a joking manner.  However, PTSD is no laughing matter and affects many people who aren’t even aware that their symptoms are trauma related.  In addition, many people do not know that the onset of PTSD can occur within a few months or even years after a traumatic event, which can make it very difficult for individuals to pinpoint. 

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The Anxiety Epidemic: The Syndrome of Uncertainty

World renowned life coach Tony Robbins believes that the need for certainty is our number one human need.  “Certainty is our need to feel in control and to know what’s coming next.”  I found it very interesting that certainty is the antonym of anxiety, along with words like assurance, security, trust, and peace.  On the other hand, synonymous with anxiety is uncertainty, distress, nervousness, and restlessness.  Although he also lists uncertainty as a human need in its own right, I thought it noteworthy to correlate our need for certainty with an ever-growing epidemic of anxiety in a world of ever-increasing uncertainty.

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Grief: When the Unthinkable Happens

I write this with tears and a pure heart hoping to say something that will help give words of comfort to anyone who has or is experiencing the unthinkable.   I am a 41-year-old mother of a blended family with 5 children.  I drive a seven seat SUV that is constantly full of children.  When I told my husband about the tragedy on I 35 he immediately got sick.  It could have been us.  It is a nightmare beyond nightmares.  It is beyond comprehension, so it is with deep respect and overwhelming empathy that I write and dedicate this article to those personally affected by this tragedy…

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Depression can be very misunderstood and even difficult to diagnose.  We’ve all seen the commercials of someone sitting on the side of their bed, crying, unable to start their day and in pain… but that represents a more extreme form of clinical depression.  Many people, however, function with depression every day- almost 7 percent of adults in America at any given time.

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Best Kept Secret in Mental Health, Part 4

In my last three articles I’ve been able to explain some of the key aspects of Neurofeedback Therapy.  I’ve brought to the forefront that the brain is electrical, that brain wave balance is at the foundation of mental health, how brain wave activity can be mapped, and the basic concepts of how Neurofeedback can normalize brain wave activity to lead to reduction or resolution of mental health issues.

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Best Kept Secret in Mental Health, Part 3

In my last article I explained how we “map the electrical universe.”  Through brain mapping, or creating the electrical traffic map, we are able to measure the brain’s electrical activity in order to assess abnormalities and how they are affecting the individual.  I also explained how therapeutic this can be for the individual as they are able to see that their issues are real and measurable.  In this article I am very excited to explain how these abnormalities are also treatable!

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Best Kept Secret in Mental Health, Part 2

In my last article I began an introduction into the world of Neurofeedback by explaining the mechanisms of the brain as an electrical organ.  I explained that the brain is an electro-chemical universe, and that in order for that universe to be in unison with itself, the different types of electrical waves must be in balance and in harmony with one another.  In this edition I will explain how we map this electrical universe and make meaning out of the patterns and complexities therein.

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Best Kept Secret in Mental Health, Part 1

In this article I am going to begin to explain the mental health technology that literally saves lives.  With this tool I’ve been able to resolve suicidal depression, anxiety, ADHD and so much more.   I have been able to see healing where only the word treatment or coping had been used before.  I am so excited to explain what it is, how it works, and what it can help…

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