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2530 E 71st Street Suite M
Tulsa, OK, 74136
United States

(918) 933-4455

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Looking for reviews? Read customer testimonials here. Abundant Living Neurofeedback and Counseling is Tulsa's leader in providing cutting edge therapy for Mental health and Healing. Anna Raab, MA, BCN, is the most experienced and highly trained Board Certified mental health practitioner in Tulsa, OK, treating depression, anxiety, attention disorder, bipolar and mood disorders, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and much more. Anna mentors and trains other mental health professionals  who are seeking board certification in Neurofeedback and is the only Neurofeedback clinician who is a BCIA approved mentor in Tulsa.

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We thought Anna’s smaller practice wouldn’t be as good as the Neurofeedback in [a larger city] but she was actually better. She listened and made changes when needed and proved to really understand the art of what she does.


I feel like someone who is blind seeing for the first time. I’ve never known what it is to feel normal until now. There is just no other way to describe it. I don’t have to fake it anymore. There’s no way I could ever thank you enough.
I am calmer, clearer, my memory is better and I have much more emotional control. I had to separate from my wife because of my dissociative episodes of extreme anger. Now the episodes are seldom and resolve in a couple of hours instead of days. I was able to move back in with my family and we are doing so much better.
— - Client Recovering from PTSD and DID
At home and at work I couldn’t remember anything unless I wrote it down and now I work mostly by memory. Now my wife can depend on me more and I’ve also been promoted at work. Everything is better.
— - Client in Process, Recovering from PTSD


I was severely depressed. I had no motivation or energy to do anything. I was tired all the time and did not have much will for anything. I was melancholy, isolated, and lonely.

My relationship with my husband was deteriorating and full of tension, hurt, misunderstanding, and no communication. We were on the brink of divorce- It was either this or divorce.

Now I’m so much better. I cannot even bring myself into a depressed state- even when I revisit thoughts I used to have. It’s amazing. I no longer feel like something is slowly killing me. I just wanted to be gone. It’s like somebody plugged me back in. I have energy, motivation, and the will to live.

My husband says I’m motivated, confident, and assertive. And where communicating wasn’t even possible before, we are now well on our way to working out our issues.

I’m doing a million times better.
To say I was in bad shape when I first started coming to Anna would be an understatement. I was beyond desperation and in so much pain having lost all sense of who I was or any hope of recovery. After a couple of counseling sessions I started my treatments which was the easiest therapy I’ve ever had. As a result my life went from what I thought was ruined to healthy in less than 6 months. My family is amazed at the progress I’ve made.


Before it was like I had a coliseum full of thoughts and voices bombarding my mind all at once. Now there’s one thought, one voice, and everything is clear.
I can’t say enough for your help and expertise. There are no words. The anxiety is completely gone and I am forever grateful. This has been a truly life changing experience.
His psychiatrist was speechless and overwhelmed by his progress in such a short amount of time. He has treated our son for many years and after just 8 sessions of Neurofeedback he has decided to start weaning him off of two medications used to treat his anxiety.


My goal before neurofeedback was simply to be able to get through the day without feeling panic, but I ended up being able to cut my ADHD medication in half.  Now I feel like I can control my thoughts, and I don’t feel that frantic hyper energy that fueled the anxiety and made me feel so nervous and restless. Neurofeedback helped me regain control of my life.
As the mom of an anxious young adult, I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone with ADHD or anxiety to try neurofeedback at Abundant Living. The staff is knowledgeable, kind and encouraging, and they literally changed my son’s life. He has reduced his ADHD medication as a result of neurofeedback, and more importantly to us, he’s reaching his full potential.
I used to be obsessed about certain issues and I would repeat negative thoughts over and over. Now I’m less pessimistic and able to see the good in people and situations. I can now let go of OCD thoughts like whether or not I forgot to turn off the lights.

My memory and perceptions were overrun with negativity. Now I see more positively and objectively.

I was impulsive, wouldn’t study and couldn’t plan well. Now I can study well and follow through with things that require planning and organization.

I used to feel out of body and disconnected- more like I was watching myself, almost like I was in a dreamlike state. Now I feel more present and focused.

My attention is so much better. I used to daydream to the extreme. Now it’s completely controllable. I’m doing better on tests and I can articulate in writing better. I’m also able to verbalize things better and actually say what I’m thinking.
We are no longer having to push him. We are hands off now. He is getting A’s and B’s and is no longer forgetting assignments.


There’s been a huge improvement in Anxiety and Depression. She used to be sad almost daily and now sadness is rare. She was extremely inhibited before and didn’t want to participate in a lot of fun activities. Last summer we couldn’t even get her to tube and this year she was first in line. She didn’t want to talk to friends or family members on the phone, not even her dad when he was on the road. Now she wants to talk and is even calling friends on the phone. She used to shy away from talking to any of our friends she didn’t know and now she interacts and converses with ease. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement!
— Child
I’m doing so well... I’m always at a loss of how to say thank you... how do you say that at all to someone who’s saved your life? I will always be forever grateful.
— Adult
I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing week we have had. I have never seen our daughter so happy and relaxed in her entire life! I don’t know what flip was switched but it has been incredible. I know there are always ups and downs but we have never had an “up” like this since she was born! There were a few “triggers” that would have usually sent her in a tail spin but nothing happened. She was calm and got through it. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high yet but it’s hard not too. Great week!
— Mom of Teen with Mood Disorder

Bipolar Adult

After one round of sessions I’m off my medication, have had no distinct mood swings and am sleeping consistently and soundly. I’m doing so much better. It’s truly amazing.
When I first started neurofeedback I only did it because my spouse wanted me to, but it is really working! I am amazed at how easy it is for me to get organized and get out of the house. I feel better physically and mentally. I have much more energy and get chores done without procrastinating.

(Neurofeedback & Counseling)

We had so much fun last night—and we were just shopping. It was so normal, and yet so extraordinary. The little things—they can be HUGE.
— Mom
Thank you, Anna, for this new life.

Depression/ Trauma/ Suicidal Ideation

I’m shocked...I’ve had no severe episodes with suicidal moments after one round of intense sessions. None. I can’t believe it... I’m thankful beyond expression. I am so mentally capable I can’t believe it.
I can look in the mirror and see that I am beautiful. I want to wear colors now where all I used to wear is black.
— Suicidal Teen in Recovery at Abundant Living


Before, he had meltdowns all the time - screaming, crying, kicking- that could go on for hours. Now meltdowns are so minor. Before he had extreme anxiety and social awkwardness. He would retreat from family and friends into his own head or into another room. Now he wants to be social. He sits down amidst groups of people and listens and converses. He has genuine interest in being with people. Before he could not focus and would not listen. Now he can focus and follow through and we are progressing steadily with listening. It’s so much better. He can really be involved with our family now and does so well with the other children. I’m so happy with how well he’s doing.
Our Neurologist wanted to copy your card and said you should expect to be getting referrals from them.


She was diagnosed with PTSD, OCD and Depression. We’ve been to two psychiatrists and she’s been on Lexapro and Seroquel with no benefits. After Neurofeedback she’s off all medications and is completely different. People keep asking us what is different about her because she even looks happier and more present. Her focus is much better, she’s less impulsive she understands things much better. She is now getting A’s and B’s instead of D’s and F’s.


Neurofeedback is like a switch that just turned off my anxiety.

Auditory Processing

Sounds and movement no longer overwhelm me. It’s gone from a 10 to a 1 most of the time. Its so much better.


A dear friend of mine had been going to Anna and encouraged me to set up an appointment to see her. I thank God she did. To say I was in bad shape when I first started coming to Anna would be an understatement. I was beyond desperation and in so much pain having lost all sense of who I was or any hope of recovery. After a couple of counseling sessions I started my treatments which was the easiest therapy I’ve ever had. As a result my life went from what I thought was ruined to healthy in less than 6 months. My family is amazed at the progress I’ve made.
What a blessing Anna has been to me as my counselor and as my neurofeedback practitioner. I have found her to be truly interested in my situation, deeply caring, insightful, and encouraging. There has never been a time that I have left her office and not been better equipped to deal with my circumstances and excited about the future! Anna is incredibly conscientious and a consummate professional. Her expert training is clearly evident as she applies the neurofeedback principles to meet specific needs.
Neurofeedback has enabled me to get to the root emotional issues that have been trapped deep inside my brain and breakthrough is occurring after years of being emotionally numb. As the feelings and memories have been freed to come to the surface, they are now being dealt with in a cognitive way through Anna’s help. I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs and am excited about more to come. The warmth, energy, and enthusiasm Anna brings to her clients is both refreshing and inspiring. I highly recommend her and her practice.
I tell everyone I can about Neurofeedback—how it helped me and how it can help them. Neurofeedback did not solve all of my problems, but it put me back in the driver’s seat of my life. I could control my emotions rather than my emotions controlling me. I could decide to feel differently or think differently than what my emotions were dictating. The fog that filled my head went away so that I could THINK.